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Henry IV of England
also called Henry Bolingbroke (reigned 1399-1413)
  • King Henry IV -  Nash Ford PublishingHenry was the son of Prince John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster. He was one of the 'Lords Appellant'. He fought against the followers of his cousin, Richard II, at the Battle of Radcot Bridge.
  • Later, they became good friends and Henry was made Duke of Hereford. He got banished (sent abroad) though for getting into a fight with the Duke of Norfolk.
  • When Henry came back, he was so popular that he was able to make King Richard abdicate (stop being king). He locked him up and made himself king instead.
  • King Richard's friends tried to murder Henry. So the new King had King Richard murdered instead. But there were lots more rebellions .
  • The Welsh announced they were not part of England any more and had their own King, Owain Glyndwr. Harry Hotspur started another rebellion in 1403 but was beaten at the Battle of Shrewsbury by King Henry's son, Prince Henry.
  • The Scots spread rumours that King Richard was still alive and living in Scotland. So some Londoners started another rebellion, but it came to nothing.
  • King James I of Scots was captured by English pirates while on his way to France. King Henry kept him locked up at Windsor Castle. He lived in luxury.
  • The next king was his son, Henry V.


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