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Richard II of England
also called Richard of Bordeaux (reigned 1377-1399)
  • King Richard II -  Nash Ford PublishingRichard was the son of the Black Prince who died before his won father, King Edward III. Richard became king when his grandfather died. He was only 10. So his uncle helped him run the country.
  • When he was 14, the poor people of England were told to pay a 'poll tax'. They were very upset. They gathered together, marched on London and took over the Tower of London.
  • King Richard met the the leader of this 'Peasants' Revolt,' Wat Tyler. He was killed but the King promised to do what the peasants wanted. Later he went back on this.
  • The King made peace with the French and married a French princess. He was 29 and she was 6! The powerful barons called the 'Lords Appellant' didn't like this.
  • They beat Richard's followers at the Battle of Radcot Bridge. They forced him to get rid of his friends who helped him rule the country. They were executed.
  • Eight years later, Richard had the army help him arrest the Lords Appellant. They were executed this time.
  • The Dukes of Hereford and Norfolk had a big argument. They were going to have a joust to settle it, but the King stopped it and banished them (sent them abroad).
  • The Duke of Hereford was Richard's cousin. His father died in 1399. He then came back to England to look after his lands.
  • Richard was in Ireland. Lots of people liked the Duke of Hereford. He was able to make the King abdicate (stop being king). The Duke became King Henry IV.
  • Richard was locked up in Pontefract Castle in Yorkshire. He disappeared. People say King Henry had him murdered.


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