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Henry V of England
also called Henry of Monmouth (reigned 1413-1422)
  • King Henry V -  Nash Ford PublishingHenry was the son of Henry IV.
  • He was a wild young man. As Prince of Wales, he often served with his father's army. He was very brave at the Battle of Shrewsbury.
  • When he became king, Henry renewed the English claim to the French Throne. With an army, he invaded France in 1415.
  • They fought a much bigger French army at the Battle of Agincourt and won a great victory.
  • Two years later, Henry's army invaded again. They took over large parts of France. The heir to the French Throne murdered the Duke of Burgundy. So the Burgundians joined the fight against the French.
  • In 1420, the elderly King Charles VI of France signed the Treaty of Troyes. This recognised Henry V as the new heir to the French Throne; and he married the French king's daughter.
  • Two years later, Henry was back in France putting down resistance to his new position. He caught dysentery and died.
  • The next king was his young son, Henry VI.


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