The Kings of Wessex

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Wessex Rule

Cerdic 519-534
Cynric  534-560
Cewlin 560-591
Ceol 591-97
Celwulf 597-611
Cynegils 611-643
Cenwal 643-645

Under Mercian Rule 645-648

Wessex Rule

Cenwal (again) 648-672
Sexburga (Queen) 672-674
Cenfus 674
Ascwin 674-676
Centwin 676-685
Cadwalla 685-688
Ine 688-726
Ethelheard 726-740
Cuthred 740-756
Sigebert 756-757
Cynewulf 757-786
Bertric 786-802

Wessex Rule claimants to the title, 'King of the English'

Egbert 802-839
Ethelwulf 839-856
Ethelbald 856-860
Ethelbert 860-865
Ethelred I 865-871
Alfred the Great 871-899


In 884, King Alfred the Great's claim to be King of the English became a reality with the reduction of the Kingdoms of both Mercia and Bernicia to mere Lordships.


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