Alfred the Great (AD 846-899) - King of the English AD 871-899

King Alfred Wooden Carving King Alfred Statue at Pewsey in Wiltshire King Alfred's Statue at Wantage in Berkshire King Alfred's Statue at Winchester in Hampshire
King Alfred as Founder of the British Navy in Stained Glass King Alfred as Founder of the British Navy in Stained Glass King Alfed with the Pen that was stronger than the Sword in Stained Glass King Alfed with the Sword that was mot as strong as the Pen in Stained Glass

Alfred was the only English King to be given the epithet of 'the Great' - and rightly so. He beat the invading Vikings in many battles, notably Ashdown, before being forced to flee into hiding in the Somerset Marshes. Using his cunning, he learned the Danish battle plans and defeated them once more at the Battle of Edington. Realising that the pen was stronger than the sword, he signed a peace treaty that sent the Vikings packing. He then built forts across the country to ensure that they would never return.

King Alfred learning to read as a Boy, with the help of his mother, Queen Osberga King Alfred is discovered burning the Cakes King Alfred arm wrestles with King Guthrum King Alfred rebuilds Exeter

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