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Edward I of England
also called Edward Longshanks, the Hammer of the Scots (reigned 1272-1307)
  • King Edward I - © Nash Ford PublishingEdward was the son of King Henry III. He was one of the most successful of medieval English monarchs.
  • He kept his lands in France safe and conquered Wales, where he built lots of castles.
  • He wasn't so successful in Ireland, but he did introduce a parliament there.
  • In Scotland, Edward claimed the right to choose a new King when little Queen Margaret died without an obvious heir.
  • The Scots didn't agree, so Edward invaded their country. The Scottish leader, William Wallace, fought him off for a while. he won the Battle of Sterling Bridge, but he was eventually captured and executed. Robert the Bruce (later King of Scots) then continued the fight.
  • Edward was very mean to the Scottish. He became known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots’.
  • Edward married a Spanish princess called Eleanor of Castile. He loved her very much. After she died in 1290, he had big stone monuments erected at each place her body stopped on the way to be buried in London.
  • The next king was his son, Edward II.


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