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Henry III of England
also called Henry of Winchester (reigned 1216-1272)
  • King Henry III - © Nash Ford PublishingHenry was the son of King John. He inherited the Throne when he was only nine years old.
  • At the time, the Barons had rebelled against his father and the French had invaded.
  • The Earl of Pembroke, helped him rule the country and sorted everything out. 
  • When Henry grew up, he spent lots of money rebuilding Westminster Abbey and the palace next door.
  • He became unpopular because he liked foreigners and would not stand up to the Pope. He also taxed the Barons to pay for wars in Wales, France and Sicily. These were not successful.
  • Eventually, Henry had to sign the ‘Provisions of Oxford’. These said he had to listen to the advice of a Royal Council.
  • When he tried to go back on his promise and rule without them, a civil war broke out. King Henry and his son, Prince Edward, were captured by the rebel leader, Simon De Montfort.
  • Simon set up the first parliament in England. People came from all over the country to tell the King about the needs of the people in their local area.
  • Eventually, Prince Edward, escaped and defeated De Montfort at the Battle of Lewes (in East Sussex).
  • Edward became the next king as Edward I.


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