The Nash Ford Picture Library is a private image collection originally collected over many years for personal study. It contains a host of photographs, illustrations and old prints, all with some connection to British History. Our images have been used in books, journals, magazines, newspapers, television programmes and on exhibition displays both in the UK and abroad. Location release may be required for some photos. Our prices are very reasonable, and use of library pictures is even free to clients using selected other services, so please e-mail us if you think we could help with your project. Those wishing to reproduce our images on the web, must also e-mail us to seek permission. To view examples from our Photo Library, please choose your area of interest from the sections below:

Cathedrals, Abbeys & Churches

Churches of different status from across the UK. External and internal shots, including many church monuments, stained glass windows, wall paintings, etc. From general views to architectural details, you'll find it all in this section.

Cities, Towns & Villages

Looking for a pretty cottage or a grand guildhall, an old mill or a busy street scene. For historic buildings in places both big and small, check out this section. Internal and external shots. Many architectural details.


Country Houses

A range of country house photographs: small manor houses to vast mansions. Some are famous, some not so well known. All external shots. Take a look in this section.


Castles & Other Fortifications

This section covers castles, both ruinous and occupied, as well as forts and other military installations. Many architectural details, as well as general shots.


Archaeological Sites

For Prehistoric henges and hillforts, Roman villas and forts, as well as other archaeological sites, you need to click on this section.


Statues, architectural sculpture, church monuments, pub signs, stained glass windows. All those places in everyday life where you see portraits of the famous, can be found here. Illustrations and old prints also available.

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