The Kings of Mercia

The Death of King Penda of Mercia at the Battle of Winwaed -  Nash ford Publishing Statue of King Cenwulf of Mercia -  Nash Ford Publishing Sculpture of King Bertwulf of Mercia -  Nash Ford Publishing Contemporary Sculpture of King Ethelbald of Mercia -  Nash Ford Publishing

Mercian Rule

Creoda c.585-593
Pybba  593-606
Ceorl 606-626
Penda  626-655

Northumbrian Rule 655-658 with Mercian sub-king of Middle Anglia

Peada 655-656


Mercian Rule

Wulfhere 658-675
Ethelred I  675-704
Cenred 704-709
Celred 709-716
Celwald 716 
Ethelbald  716-757
Bernred 757
Offa 757-796
Egfrith 796
Cenwulf  796-821
Cenelm (St.) 821
Celwulf I 821-823
Bernwulf 823-825
Ludecan 825-827
Wiglaf 827-828  

Under Wessex Rule 828-830

Mercian Rule

Wiglaf (again) 830-840
Wistan (St.)  840
Bertwulf  840-852
Burghred 852-874

Sub-Kings under Norse Rule

Celwulf II 874-879

Mercian Rule

Ethelred II 879-884

Lord/Ladies of the Mercians under Wessex Overlordship

Ethelred II 884-911 (still) (joint)
Ethelflaed c.888- 918 (joint)
Elfwin 918-919

Mercia merged with the Kingdom of Wessex in 919


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