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Richard I of England
also called Richard the Lionheart (reigned 1189-1199)
  • King Richard I - © Nash Ford PublishingRichard was the eldest surviving son of King Henry II.
  • He is best known for being completely uninterested in England. He barely spoke the language and hardly ever set foot in the country.
  • Richard was a favourite of his mother. He grew up in Poitiers. He rebelled against his father several times.
  • He spent most of his reign on Crusade in the Holy Land. He conquered Cyprus and twice almost took Jerusalem, but he failed to send the Turks packing. 
  • While he was away, Richardís brother, John, plotted with the King of France to overthrow him.
  • Their plans were helped by Richard getting himself kidnapped by the Holy Roman Emperor on his way home. Eventually, he did return home though and defeated his brother.
  • Later he fought a war against the French King. Whilst fighting near Limoges in France, a boy shot him in the shoulder with an arrow. He died soon afterwards.
  • The next king was his younger brother, King John.


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