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William II of England
also called King William Rufus (reigned 1087-1100)
  • King William Rufus -  Nash Ford PublishingWilliam was the second son of the last king, William the Conqueror.
  • Upon his father's death, England was given to William and Normandy was given to his elder brother, Robert Curthose.
  • Both wanted the lot. So they were very angry. William spent most of his time invading Normandy.
  • He was not a very nice man and lots of people in the country disliked him, especially the Church.
  • King William was shot dead whilst hunting in the New Forest. It was supposed have been an accident, but many people think he was murdered!
  • His body was taken by a charcoal burner to be buried in Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire.
  • The next king was his brother, Henry I.


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