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Construction Chris
He rebuilt the City of London

Sir Christopher Wren & St. Paul's Cathedral -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Sir Christopher Wren lived in the 17th century. He was the son of the Dean of Windsor who was in charge of St. George's Chapel there. He grew up in that Berkshire town.
  • The Civil War started when he was 10. So no-one knows where he went to school. He went to university in Oxford. He was very good at science.
  • Christopher was made Professor of Astronomy at Gresham College in Bishopsgate & then in Oxford. He did lots of scientific experiments. With his friends, he started the Royal Society.
  • He became interested in architecture just before the Great Fire of London. In 1669, King Charles II appointed him Surveyor of the King's Works. He was in charge of all building work done for the King. He was knighted too.
  • Wren designed or helped with the designs for 51 of the churches rebuilt in London after the Fire. This includes the new St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Other buildings he designed & had built include:
    • Chelsea Hospital
    • Greenwich Naval College
    • Guildhall, Windsor
    • Large parts of Hampton Court Palace
    • Kensington Palace
    • Royal Observatory
    • Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford
    • Western towers of Westminster Abbey
  • Wren had houses in Hampton Court Green and St. James' Westminster. When he died, he was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral.


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