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Medieval Britain Activity Sheets
(25 Pages for 6.25)

Available Medieval Sheets

Medieval Britain

Archaeology Sheet

This sheet describes a number of different fields and asks you to choose which ones you think would be most likely to have interesting archaeology hidden underground. It then asks you to decide which materials you would be most likely to dig up. Lastly you can draw the grass in on a cross-section to show how tall it grows over different features, forming lines seen on aerial photos.


Medieval House Interior Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of a 13/14th century cottage (excavated at Hangleton in East Sussex) both inside and out. You are asked to describe what each of five areas of the house are used for by looking at the internal picture.

Not available as a free sample. 

Medieval House Comparison Sheet

This sheet shows two 14th century houses: one for the rich (Cumnor Place in Berkshire) and one for the less well off (a small hall house from Boarhunt in Hampshire). You must pick which words in the table should be associated with which house. 


Early Medieval Costume Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of two 14th century people: A man and a woman. You are asked to describe how they look different from how we dress today.


Late Medieval Costume Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of two 15th century people: A man and a woman. You are asked to describe how they look different from how we dress today.



Weird Hats Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of a range of bizarre headgear for ladies of the 15th century. You are asked to pick

Eleanor Cross Map Sheet

This is a logic problem which asks you to use the clues work out the names of the places marked on the map. Each once had an Eleanor Cross to the memory of the English Queen, Eleanor of Castile.


Monastic Jobs

Monks didn't just pray you know. Use this sheet to work out what else they did.


Pilgrimage & Shrines Sheet

This is a multi-activity sheet showing Chaucer's pilgrims. What would they have felt when they arrived at their destination? Circle the emotions you think fit best. Then tell us about reliquaries and shrines.

Not available as a free sample. 

Pilgrim Badges Sheet

This sheet shows eight different shrine souvenirs known as pilgrim badges. Can you work out whose shrines they are from by reading the descriptions?


King Arthur's Grave Debate Sheet

How desperate were medieval monks for the pilgrims' pound? Use the twelve argument cards to have a debate about whether or not the monks of Glastonbury really found King Arthur's grave in 1190. Complete with teacher's notes.


Gothic Window Sheet

This sheet shows off Gothic church architecture whilst bringing out your design skills. Just fill in the blank windows with your favourite saints or other Christian scenes.


Old St. Paul's Cathedral Sheet

This sheet shows the majestic cathedral of St. Paul in London, before it lost its spire and was then burnt to a crisp in the Great Fire of London. Work out its height using the scale. Fill in the missing words and pick out the architect you tried to 'improve' the building.

Not available as a free sample. 


Windsor Door Sheet

This simple colouring sheet shows the beautiful decorative scrollwork on the famous 12th century door at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. 


Medieval London Bridge Sheet

This sheet shows old London Bridge with buildings all along it. You are asked to work out the total number of traitors from their leaders' heads on spikes. Then you must answer some questions about the Bridge Gate and St. Thomas' Chapel and fill in the missing words about fights on the bridge. 

Not available as a free sample. 

London Bridge Shops Sheet

This sheet shows a cross-section through the shops on Old London Bridge. There are a few questions to answer, but mostly you need to draw in some people in the rooms... including the toilet!

Not available as a free sample. 


Medieval Merchants & Shops Sheet

Look at the medieval merchant, William Frith, and answer questions about him and his shop. Then examine the shop signs. What are they telling us?


Dick Whittington Sheet

This sheet shows Dick Whittington and his wife at home in their solar. You must help their cat find the mice hiding in the room.


Medieval Medicine Logic Problem Sheet

Read the clues and use the table to record the information which will help you logically work out details of the four 'humours' that dominated medieval medical ideas. 

Castle Defences Sheet

Look at all the different layers of defences surrounding Wallingford Castle. Can you name all the different parts?

Design your own Coat of Arms Sheet

This double page sheet gives you a shield to fill in with your very own coat of arms and crest designs, and a page with lots of ideas and a few rules to follow too.

Heraldic Crests Sheet

This sheet shows six different heraldic crests worn by knights in the tilt yard. They are all puns on the knights' listed names. But can you work out which goes with which?


Battle of Bosworth Sheet

Draw the animals on the banners of Richard III and Henry VII. Which country's flag does one remind you of? Look at the numbers and pick out the facts. Do they add up?

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We have a wide range of British history activity sheets for kids available. They are very competitively priced and contain many more illustrations than other sheets on the market: all exclusive to Nash Ford Publishing. You can purchase them very cheaply in sets organised by subject. All sheets are shown and described above. Some are quick, some are longer and take more thought or involve making things. Most are single pages, but some are more. Some can be used straight off. Others are designed to be used after a little learning, which our Early British Kingdoms website can help with of course. All of them double as colouring sheets and will keep your pupils or children amused for hours. For activity sheets from other periods of British history, click here.


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