Free British History Activity Sheets
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Available Free British History Activity Sheets

Free British History Activity Sheets

Stone Age Stonehenge Basics Sheet

This sheet gives an introduction to Stonehenge, the great Neolithic stone circle and bank on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. But it doesn't stand alone. What other monuments are near by? How and when did the henge develop? Think too about what people did there and why.


Drawing Iron Age Celtic Patterns Sheet

The Celts had a very distinctive style of art which always looks rather complicated. This sheet takes you through six steps to make it easy to draw simple Celtic patterns any time you like.


Temple at Roman Bath Sheet

This time the multi-activity sheet is based on the great Classical temple of Sulis Minerva at Aquae Sulis (Bath). Answer the questions, identify the objects and do some maths as well.


Roman Craftsmen Sheet

Romans were making all sorts of things all over the place, many of them never seen in Britain before. This two page sheet has pictures of six craftsmen and descriptions of their work. Decide who is who, then cut out their correct heads, glue them in the right place and label the the lot.


Roman Mosaic Decorating Sheet

This is one step up from the colouring sheet, where you are asked to decorate the areas of a mosaic floor using typical Roman patterns. A small sample is given to inspire some ideas. The design is based on a typical interlaced squares pattern often used by the mosaicists from Cirencester.


Roman Soldier Labelling Sheet

A Roman soldier wore a complicated outfit and carried lots of equipment. Here it is named in Latin, but what is it all called in English.


Sub-Roman King Vortigern's Story Sheet

This sheet shows a cartoon strip telling the story of King Vortigern and the Anglo-Saxons. The speech bubbles, however, are blank and you must fill in what the characters are saying. You could also cut up the six pictures prior to presenting them to those doing the activity and ask them to put them in the correct order. Same as Saxon Arrival Story Sheet.

Not available as a free sample. 

Sub-Roman Sudoku Sheet

Here the story of a British King and his new warriors turns into a game of sudoku as you are challenged to lay out their kit in the proper manner.

Pictish Symbol Stones Sheet

This sheet shows nine symbols from Pictish Symbol Stones, as well as a tattooed Pict carving one of the stones. You are asked if you can work out what each symbol shows and perhaps draw some yourself.

Anglo-Saxon Runes Sheet

This double page sheet shows the Anglo-Saxon alphabet and asks you translate the secret messages [remotely] with your friends.

Draw an Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo Helmet Sheet

This sheet shows an outline of the Sutton Hoo Helmet. You are asked if you can draw it in the blank space. Looking at a photo of the helmet is advisable.

Anglo-Saxon St. Aidan's Story Sheet

A multi-activity sheet telling of St. Aidan's arrival in Lindisfarne, including picture story, speech bubbles, a map to colour, blanks to fill in and some thoughts about why Aidan was given the Holy Island.

Anglo-Saxon Monastery Jobs Sheet

This three-page sheet shows the Anglo-Saxon monastery at Monkwearmouth in County Durham and lots of monks undertaken different daily tasks. Create a wall mural and add the monks in the correct perspective.

Draw Anglo-Saxon Hero Beowulf's Enemy Grendel Sheet

Grendel has arrived in Hrothgar's Hall and everyone is terrified! Use this sheet to draw what he looks like before you call for Beowulf's help.

Anglo-Saxon Trading Towns Sheet

This two-page sheet shows four scenes from a typical 8th century trading town or 'wic'. Explain what's going on in each and use your imagination to describe the sounds and smells as well.

Viking Longship Sheet

This iconic warship had lots of different parts. Use the descriptions to label them. Then take a look at numbers and measurements.

Robin Hood Finger Puppet Sheets

Make six of your very own finger puppets featuring Robin Hood and his Merry Men and six featuring his enemies with this easy-to-use cut-out sheet.

Not available as a free sample. 

Medieval House Interiors Sheet

This sheet shows pictures of a 13/14th century cottage (excavated at Hangleton in East Sussex) both inside and out. You are asked to describe what each of five areas of the house are used for by looking at the internal picture.


Remembering who were the Six Wives of King Henry VIII Sheet

This sheet gives lots of hints and tips for remembering the names, the order and what happened to the six wives of Henry VIII. You can even have a go at producing your own way of remembering.

Stuart Era Plague Doctor Sheet

Answers questions about Dr. Bird and his outfit, then work out which house in the London street he needs to visit. He's got an eye for detail, but can't remember the house number.



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We have a wide range of British history activity sheets for kids available. They are very competitively priced and contain many more illustrations than other sheets on the market: all exclusive to Nash Ford Publishing. You can purchase them very cheaply in sets organised by subject. All sheets are shown and described in the link above. Some are quick, some are longer and take more thought or involve making things. Most are single pages, but some are more. Some can be used straight off. Others are designed to be used after a little learning, which our Early British Kingdoms website can help with of course. All of them double as colouring sheets and will keep your pupils or children amused for hours.


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